lundi 11 février 2013

New fashion obsession!

I'm still in exil as you know...and here the weather is really dump and borring...

But it create me a new fashion obsession----the essential TRENCH COAT!

the intemporel and impermeable trench coat is perfect for this weather and futhermore it has a lot a absolutly fashion style!

The trench coat can be classic in neutral color or completly funcky, if you wear a colorful trench!

I have already a black trench coat but now Imknow That I absolutly need a beige one, it's so fashion and useful!

I have some trench coat inpirations for you!


 funcky and nice color for sunny day

 tweed version

 next fashion try for me (i'm in love)

 I want a lila trench coat....

 short, thight and trench coat = perfect match

 Do I need to say something?......(love)

 so classic


I'm a huge fan of european style, so you will find this inspiration here!

Winter version

 A man and a trench coat ....yummy!

sport version

But I also fall in love with the trench coat for the children and the cute!


 For mommy and baby!


So all the family members can wear a trench coat......Burberry inspiration!

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