vendredi 9 août 2013

My new fashion crush!

Everybody know that I'm a girly and I love girl stuff in fashion...but I also have a rock side!

In fact, I know I can wear very different style and kind of fit in most of them. This fall the punk / rock fashion make a come back! Sometimes it's just too much but when it done smart and with's just perfect.

You have understand, the glam rock/punk is my new fashion crush even it's far from my usual style. Since a while I'm a fan of hight knee leather boot and leather perfecto. I love motocycle still but with girly touch (like pink helmet and heels)! For this year is just perfect with all the leather stuff and the studd :)

I really love to mix girly stuff with leather, boots, heels and obviously a lot of jewels and red lips! I try to keep my personnality and don't fall totally in punk style ... I don't like it and it's not fashion!

I have my top of glam rock / punk stuff just for you!

 I'm totally in love with the girly shirt and bag with the rock shirt skirt and obviously the sock. I think is a beautiful mix for start this trend.

 The must in fashion: the perfecto! Just mix in perfection with short black dress and booties...don't forget the red lip!
 The dress is just totally awsome and I really want it! I love the gold studd bracelet and the beautiful heels.
 If you want a soft look, put the black away and chooce a beige dress! But wear it with a lot of jewels and rock heels.

 Gold and black = perfect mix of color for a girly rock style.

 Very trash look but still like the shirt and obviously the perfecto with the studds. (I love the global style - the sock- but not vor a every day look...but for a sexy surprise...)

 Black nail polish, a lot of ring = totally rock and me! (and obviously girly)

 I didn't have try the leather pant but I find it wild but sexy...maybe I will rock fake leather pant with sexy heels this fall.
 Barbie rock heels...perfect mix for a girly!
The prefect rock girly clutch....want it\
 I love the mis of the white top with the black stuff. A light version of the trend.

 Some others nice inspirations!

 You rock it Cameron Diaz!

 I love the shoes and the rock but so girly with the white jacket (over the shoulder = other fall trend).

Rock and leopard + leather and big sunglasses = perfect!