lundi 29 avril 2013

Shoes, FIT and passion

A little while a go, the perfect girl in the world (Catherine from talk to me about an amazing free exhibiton at FIT museum: shoes obsession!

So two week a go, I went to see the exhibition, bud unfortunatetly they don't let me take a lot of pictures. It was really a nice exhibitions with a lot and a lot of shoes. Most of the shoes are legendary and some of them were create for very unique occasion.

During the exhibition, I just realize how is hard to reinvente the heels and how the designer need to be so creative. But in same time, I was: damm I wanna do it too!

Since very long time, and more since I have seen p.s. I love you, I secretly dream to become a celeb shoes designer. I did some shoes for me, but I don't really thin I will do for other people (not for the moment). With the exhibitions, this dream is just little more actual....

Maybe one day, a star will wear my shoes!

Keep calm and....wear PINK!

I'm a girly but I assume it! I love pink and some day I just want to have a "totally pink" look, but I don't really have the confidence to do it!

So it's my may resolution (Yeah I take resolution every month, easier to keep it!): I will try to wear a total pink girly look!
1. Pink is the color of the spring
2. Pink is beautiful
3. Different type of Pink
4. Pink is beautiful
5. Heuuu just because it's PINK! (do I need other reason?)

But to wear pink from the head to the toe, I need to inspire mylself....even if I love Barbie, I don't obviously want to looke like her!

 First of all, every pink girl need a pair of pink heels with bows...

 A pink dress is an easy way to wear the pink style! (but not a lot of beach where i live :( )

 Need better inspiration than the Queen?

 A subtil way to wear it

 Cutiest light pink ..... Two fashion trends in one: pastel and pink!

 More pink shoes, obviously!

 I want the bag (and the style)

 So chic
 Hum I love this black / whithe / pink style, even if isn't totally pink ( I have similar clothes ....)

 Put some pink heels or ballerina with that and it's perfect!

 Pink glitter converse...for every rock girly

 Love, love and love!
 Nothing to say: perfect!

 Bling bling and pink!

Finally every girly need is own "horse" to ride like a true one!

mardi 2 avril 2013

Disney Princess

I'm a girly (what a surprise!) and since I'm young (still today) I love princess story...

When we think princess eand fairy tale, obviously Disney is the reference! Sometime I'm jealous of young little girl who just walk outiside with their beautiful princess dress...I want to be a princess too!

Fortunately for me I can't fit in the cute little dress of Disney store (It will be too much...) But we can create modern girl "disney princess look" inspiration!

I have find some good propositions, there are the best (and some worst)! And my personnal inspiration will follow :)

Show white

One of the hardest inspiration look, particularly because of primary colors composing the look. Futhermore, she isn't my favorite princess...

 I really love this inspiration, it's kind of sporty and chic in same time...and you don't look like you just go out of the book!

For me...this is a way too much...With black hair and red lips, you can play in a modern adaptation of the movie!


When we think of a princess, we think about Cinderella...the most traditional princess. I like her look for a prom or a glam event… but I find very difficult to wear it every day… that must be the baby blue (is really not my color!).

Pretty inspiration, but kind of very usual

Evening inspiration (again)

 Obviously I'm not a fan of baby blue... and it's kind of hard to see the princess in these outfits...(hugs, light blue jeans, etc)
 Already better! I love the spring and fall look! (but maybe with others shoes for the spring look)

 Okay... I love this interpretation...but the dress of the previous spring look and it's perfect!

I have a problem with the dress...but I like the other outfit (without the vest)!


You can wear the little mermaid's look easily in summer on the beach or for going out...but to wear it at during day we need to be little bit more original! But who don't like this beautiful red hair girl!

 Beach or summer night version! I'm in love with the sandals! The inspiration of the look is easy to understand.

 Another beach version!
 The inspiration is obvious here but it's well done!
 This color blocking is perfectly in the trends!

Beautiful evening or prom look! I'm in love with the jewels :)

Nothing is better than the peplum to remember the mermaid tail! (The colors and really strong, you need to be not shy)
You don't have red hair...who cares! Exchange the hair for a red blazer!


Probably one of my favorite princess, but again her look isn't easy to wear!

 Wow the Disney's inspiration is really here. Not everybody can wear this kind of look, but I find it beautiful :)

Beautiful prom and evening look! Don't forget the gold "bling bling"

Aurora / Belle (sleeping beauty)

She is THE princess ... for me! She is the perfect pink princess and I love her (no, is not because she looks like Barbie...) It's probably the PINK!

 So girly and...princess!

 The ring is perfect and obviously useful in this look! I want a pink dress...

Where can I find it?

 Heuuuu....I need to say something...No it's obvously perfect ... I WANT IT!


A kind of Aurora new generation. Still in pink, still blonde and beautiful...but with more personnality. The perfect modern princess!

Also easily to wear her style!

I love these evening / prom propositions

Beautiful mix of colors!
The little purple is just perfect!

Belle (again) - Beauty and the beast

Yellow is a beautiful summer color and with dark brown hair and tan sin is a perfect mix!

 Cute and absolutely modern! Perfect spring look...and I love the rose jewel.

 I want it now... I HAVE A CRUSH for the necklace!
 no, no and's a big nono : A way too much (gloves?)...

Perfect pretty evenening / prom look.

Cutiest look of Belle before she went to the beast!


She is a princess too, and the asian style is really hot this spring!

 Colors are the same, the style is another thing. Pretty but the link between the princess and these dresses is little far.
So perfect....The jewels are amazing and they totally fit!


Newer forget the amerindian princess, she is totally in the trends with her "ethnic" look!

 Pretty and chic!

 I love this interpretation, simple, casual and girly!

Others princess

BUT who says princess, say bad Queen!

Bad Queen can be fashion too, for the day where you fell badass!

PSSSSssss I'm a fan of Kobi Levi, an amazing shoes designer in Canada and his newest collection can perfectly fit with our "princess inspiration"

A small look on his last collection...