lundi 29 avril 2013

Shoes, FIT and passion

A little while a go, the perfect girl in the world (Catherine from talk to me about an amazing free exhibiton at FIT museum: shoes obsession!

So two week a go, I went to see the exhibition, bud unfortunatetly they don't let me take a lot of pictures. It was really a nice exhibitions with a lot and a lot of shoes. Most of the shoes are legendary and some of them were create for very unique occasion.

During the exhibition, I just realize how is hard to reinvente the heels and how the designer need to be so creative. But in same time, I was: damm I wanna do it too!

Since very long time, and more since I have seen p.s. I love you, I secretly dream to become a celeb shoes designer. I did some shoes for me, but I don't really thin I will do for other people (not for the moment). With the exhibitions, this dream is just little more actual....

Maybe one day, a star will wear my shoes!

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