samedi 22 mars 2014

Fashion style that I love but don't wear...

One year ago, I met an awsome girl, Gaby. we connected really well and fast. Gaby is just gorgerous and I will admire her style for forever, she's a queen... Queen of fashion.

I'm little bit jealous about Gaby's style, but in a good way because she can wear, with perfection, two fashion style that I love but don't wear. I don't wear them because I have the feeling that it isn't easy on my (maybe the winter doesn't help too).

So this is Gaby, in one of the style that I love: maxi dress / maxi skirt (for my part, it's one of only time, this dress.)

So time to see some inspirations from Pinterest, and maybe one day I will be able to wear maxi dress / maxi skirt...

1. Maxi

I love it but I find it hard to wear. I never know what to wear with and I always feel strange in maxi...
maybe if I leave in PR too, I would wear maxi everytime!

Ok... I have too much boobs to wear maxi like this, but I love it!

Summer colors, not easy in this season.

Classy, I like it!

Crop top and maxi...

Better for Quebec's wintter

The back of this dress is awsome :)

Sexy...but not eay to wear!


Maxi and perfecto...kind of sucess!

Boots and princess skirt!

Damm at first look, I taught it was my awsome Gaby!

Wow, amazing!

I love this yellow :)

The shirt is awsome too!

Coral maxi with a gorgerous big hat, it's a win!

Ok... this is perfect! Hell yeah! Sexy and feminine....I want this look (and shape)!

Not easy to wear, but still like it!

2. Converse

I have another fashion crush that I don't relly wear: Converse. I find it amazing but I never know how to wear it and I feel little bit like a little girl when I wear them.

I already had a grey pair of this kind of shoes, now I have buyed red time to assume it I guess!

Look similiar to mine... maybe I can try them with jeans.

I love the combinaison of colors...and the beach obviously!

Kind of jeans / leather pant with Converse...I think it's a good match!

 Love even if I would look like a teen if I wear it!

Wow, shape, Converse, mini short and top...Wearing that need confidence!

With a dress...why not!

Finaly why not mixing my two fashion crush and wear it together...maxi and converse!

I love the last one...maybe it's time for for to find a sexy maxi like this for wearing my red converse!