lundi 3 juin 2013

Black and white

One of the biggest fashion trend for the summer 2013 is the Black & White! But another big fashion trend is the striped...

Now mix the Black & White and the striped and we get an amazing  style! But who say amazing and flashy style say that isn't for everyone (sorry but the big striped look doesn't fi well on each body type) and we need to know how to mix it to create a nice awsome summer look!

 An exemple of "too much", if you try the look don't put the top and the bottow with striped blak and white.

 If you want to try striped pant, you need to have skinny leg...sorry! Striped pant on "fat" leg isn't nice.

 If you want to try th trend, why not start why a beautiful striped dress. It's pefect for curvy shape too!

 I love the jacket on the right, it's a good way to wear the trend.

 Perfect mix.
 Again, it's an amazing look for girl with long and skinny leg...

 A perfect to try the trend.

I love the mix with the blue, but i'm not a fan of the tiger shirt.

 Another beautiful exemple!

A way too much!

Have fun with the black and white, choose a punchy color to mix with!