mercredi 13 mars 2013


Dammm I have a crush, I'm in love with one of the biggest fashion hit for this spring...PASTEL.

(no, it's no a human, dog or something like's the color)

Everywhere on the catwalk we have seen pastel colors, mainly pink and blue.. And it's absolutly normal because pink (any variation) and the dark blue are two other strong fashion hit of spring.

But you need to be careful with pastel color, they can add weight on someone (like white), so wear pastel color in way to advantage your body:

- If your top body is skinner than your leg, put pastel on the top

- If you have beautiful leg, the skinny pastel jeans is perfect for you!

But you can also try the "total pastel look" to be perfectly in the trend!

 I'm love with the dress and i like the match with the big "pullover"

 So girly but so delicious! ( be careful with printed jeans, it put the emphazie on this part of your body)

 Some variations of pastel in the same outfit: pretty (but no more than 3 colors / 4 with a basic)

 I want this look, just perfect (i'm so jealous)

 Pink pastel, nothing is better!

 working outfit: perfect for office and for dinner or shopping!

 so sweet

 Orangre and white, beautiful mix

 Blue...other fashion hit!

 Pink again (and still perfect)


 I love the mix between the mint shirt and this amazing pant!

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