lundi 29 avril 2013

Keep calm and....wear PINK!

I'm a girly but I assume it! I love pink and some day I just want to have a "totally pink" look, but I don't really have the confidence to do it!

So it's my may resolution (Yeah I take resolution every month, easier to keep it!): I will try to wear a total pink girly look!
1. Pink is the color of the spring
2. Pink is beautiful
3. Different type of Pink
4. Pink is beautiful
5. Heuuu just because it's PINK! (do I need other reason?)

But to wear pink from the head to the toe, I need to inspire mylself....even if I love Barbie, I don't obviously want to looke like her!

 First of all, every pink girl need a pair of pink heels with bows...

 A pink dress is an easy way to wear the pink style! (but not a lot of beach where i live :( )

 Need better inspiration than the Queen?

 A subtil way to wear it

 Cutiest light pink ..... Two fashion trends in one: pastel and pink!

 More pink shoes, obviously!

 I want the bag (and the style)

 So chic
 Hum I love this black / whithe / pink style, even if isn't totally pink ( I have similar clothes ....)

 Put some pink heels or ballerina with that and it's perfect!

 Pink glitter converse...for every rock girly

 Love, love and love!
 Nothing to say: perfect!

 Bling bling and pink!

Finally every girly need is own "horse" to ride like a true one!

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