mercredi 27 février 2013

All black look

It's the end of " Fashion Week" and we saw a lot of " All black look" by designer.

Yeah a lot of designer propose black from the head to the toes for the next winter. I need to say that I'm happy because I'm a huge fan of black look (I use it since long time).

But for "well-wearing" a total black look, you need to play with style, accessory and obviously texture.

You can't wear "all black look" if you don't mix texture or had not a nice pair of heel or a nice huge jewellery!

A lot of star already wear the "all black look", like Geneviève Borne in Québec or Victoria Beckam and they do very well! So why not follow the tendance for the end of this winter and for the next with the black (it can be so rock, fancy and feminine!)

 I love the mix between the jacket and the boots

 Huge sunglasse: winner!
 A lot of textures!

 The necklace and the shoes "pimp" this black look

 Guys also can wear a total black's sexy!

 Again, a lot of textures and amazing shoes

I love the black top

 The queen of a total black fancy

 This skirt is amazing!

 The red shoes and white piece make this look ... amazing!

A lot and a lot of accessories!

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