mercredi 20 février 2013

fashion love: women blazer!

This week I just read my girly cosmopolitain mag with Miley Cyrus on the cover.

I just looked the picture and I find her so gorgerous: She really rocks the short hair and ... the women blazer.

It's remember me my passion for the women blazer: I find it so sexy and fabulous. You can wear it at the job and you look like very serious but feminine...but you can also wear it during a date for a perfect effect.

But I really love the women blazer without a bra...a lot of stars wear the blazer like this. For myself, I find it hard to find a occasion and the good blazer to do it, BUT IT'S SO SEXY!

(pssst girls you also need to have nice boobs to wear a blazer without bra...) So It why I love the blazer with a bra but without shirt! -----perfect for a date!

So now somes cute blazers inspiration!

 I'm in love with this blazer!

Perfect in every occasion!

 So gorgerous for the office...dammm so hot!
 So classic but feminine

 Lovely "work look"

 I like it

Olsen know hoe to wear the blazer!

And now some sexy version of the blazer...don't wear it at the office (if you don't want to become the "personnal secretary" of your boss)

 And finaly, Miley (again) wear the blazer like a dress and she is gorgerous!

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