mardi 4 février 2014

Hide the "chubbyness"

Sometime in life, even if I go to the gym almost everyday, I fell like a chubby....But not just fell it, I know that I have gain some weight and have horrible "love handle"...

It this time I just wanna feel sexy and find myself beautiful...but it's hard. I wanna dress like a women, i wanna be sexy in my sadly tight clothes.

So I try to find awsome clothes who make me beautiful...BUT I WANT COTHES WHO WILL HIDE MY "CHUBBYNESS".

I'm lucky...I live in a winter country who is too cold so I can littble more easily hide my there are my inspiration from Pinterest to hide my body and feel sexy!

Beautiful loose shirt with heels is a perfect match for my problem. Plus it's so classy!

Nice oversized pullover with a cute skirt!

Same kind of stuff but with a loose shirt!

A warm sweater with legging and heels, why not for chilly day!

A gorgerous loose dress!

I love the jeans with the sexy loose shirt!

"Baggy" onepice can be sexy if it hides the "love handle" in a good way...

The skirt and the loose shirt create a tight under the blazer...good for work!

Loose t-shirt are amazing with "love handle"

Blazer and big scarf work weel too!

Finaly a sexy dress can hide the body too...

 We just need to find a "A" shape dress...I will wear this one with a blaser so it will fit better...until gym works!

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